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Best Parallax WordPress Themes

Best Parallax WordPress Themes

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Best Parallax WordPress Themes 2017

Corpus – Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

The corporate websites can be designed by using these themes. The theme has a flawless user interface with cutting edge design that enables the user to use the theme with convenience. There is an option of 300 themes that the user can apply so that an attractive design of the web can be created. It allows the user to customize the priorities. The minute details cannot be ignored and you can also pay attention to the minor details. Starting from the header to top you can fully design the page. The anchor menu stays invisible but once you start scrolling the page down the layer animation comes forward.

There are a number of options that can be used. The hidden slide navigation can help you in creating unusual page design. The hover effects give your site an amazing look. The image gallery, blog post entries and project portfolio can be adorned by using the options that Corpus Parallax WordPress Theme Corpus Parallax WordPress Theme offers. The full width background gives a mesmerizing view to the site. With the help of the smooth parallax you can give a glossy design effect to the site. It is user friendly and allows you to customize the page according to your choice.

The child Corpus Parallax WordPress Theme and parent theme can also be activated in this. With the help of these options you can make changes. The templates that are available give you a chance to use these and you can make changes if you want to. The templates are the best feature of this theme. The theme can also edit the PHP files. There is a color palette is also available. The colors that it has are amazing and vibrant. These colors add beauty to the page. You can use any of the colors and with a combination you can create some interesting and engaging designs. The theme has the SEO that is built-in. The heading tags for the titles are H1, H2 and H3. The Corpus Parallax WordPress Theme uses HTML5 and CSS3. The theme is fully compatible with all the devices. The user can connect the theme with laptops, desktops and mobiles. You do not have to worry about the connectivity as it will not create the problem. You can resume working on your personal device.

It has a drag and drop page builder. With this you can edit the page and add the options where you like. It has powerful framework. It gives you many configuration options. It has one click dummy demo. It helps you a lot in creating the design. It is highly responsive and language does not stand as a barrier in this. It is translation ready and the user will not face any sort of difficulty. It is retina ready and the visitors can view the site that is in high resolution. With multiple footer layouts you can choose various column layouts. So with these features you can design some amazing websites. The user can find it easy to use and with the options that are available you will easily learn to operate.

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Create Parallax WordPress Theme

Create is a suitable theme for portfolios and corporate websites. It has a built-in support for e-commerce. The Create offers you to choose any features that it has to create the page you desire. It has many different layouts that can be used to build the website. The user can edit the layout as he desires and can build a site that fully represents his work. The layouts give you the options to make the site more interesting and attractive. Those who want to build a corporate website can make use of the amazing templates. The user can easily use these templates and tell a lot about the company and its features. The “About Us” section can be taken to a whole different level using Create Parallax WordPress Theme. It has parallax scrolling and an option for side-by-side image and it can also display the alteration.

By using the large headline and full page background you can invite many people to visit the site. The feedback can give you a vivid idea about the working of the site and how much successful it is. It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and it is designed in a way that it can be connected with any device. You can connect it with your tablet, laptop, desktop and even mobiles. The language does not stand as a barrier in Create Parallax WordPress Theme. It is translation ready. You do not have to face any sort of problem in this area.

It has many features and this is the reason that its popularity is increasing with each passing day. It has multiple headers and it adds to the beauty of the Create Parallax WordPress Theme. There are three different kinds of headers and in addition to this there are also the options of colors. You can choose any color and design a site that is suitable. The mega menu is built-in and by using this option you can add icons to the menu items. The Google maps are also available and they make the navigation easy. There are more than 1400 icons. You can customize the size and color according to your wish.

The Google fonts also give you a chance to customize the settings. With the parallax background you can add pictures to your site and change the settings to make it more attractive. It has these options and they are very easy to operate. There is also a slider revolution. This can help you in creating some amazing and engaging slide shows. The option of one click demo import can help you very well in displaying some beautiful layouts. You can also add videos in the background. The color pallet has many colors and you can choose the vibrant colors in order to give your site a presentable look. It is WPML ready that helps in the translation. You also have the option of creating customized widgets. So with these features of Create you can make some amazing WordPress pages. It has multiple options and is easy to use. Make the site more attractive by using this theme.

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The Moon – Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme

The Moon suits best for the users who want to create professional sites for their business or for showcasing their projects and portfolios. The theme has four downloadable demos that help you in creating the site. This helps you a lot in creating an interesting and attractive site. The layout shows the different styles in which the projects can be showed to the visitors. There are different options that Moon Parallax WordPress Theme offers. The Earth is one of them. It makes the images grow large when you click on them. The visitors can view it more closely and focus on the minute details. Another feature of this theme is Mars that makes the side-by-side image of the projects. This enables the visitors to have a full view of your portfolio. The Venus on the other hand has a variety of hues that can make your portfolio look amazing. The variety of colors that it offers is infinite and the users can find the color of their choice to adorn the page. The other feature of Moon Parallax WordPress Theme is Christmas. It enables the users to design pages that are distinct and can surprise the people on holidays. It makes some interesting holiday messages and other items. The themes are easy to use and the instructions are given that can guide you in the usage. These themes are designed for a particular aspect and they are perfect for the design.

Moon Parallax WordPress Theme has other distinctive features that can make the visitors come visit the page again and again. There are three different header styles that can be customized by the users. The theme can support the header or Parallax scrolling. The users can find it easy to use and can make the projects and portfolio look attractive. The user can also make changes in the animation and with this they can make it look interesting.

The theme has the option to build the site with a visual composer. It works with the visual composer. The plug-in has the PixFlow that helps in the creation of the page. It also comes with the WYSIWYG editor. It is also WooCommerce ready. With this option you can easily start your online store. You can easily manage the purchase. The widget takes care of it. It helps in the management of the business. The grid can also be chosen by the user that best suits his portfolio. The user can find the suitable grid in the options. The thumbnails come in different sizes. It makes it easy for the user to choose the best one. It functions smoothly. The blog is created by using toggles. This makes it easy for the user to post more in small space. It has 5 different formats for the posts and you can choose any to give your posts an attractive look. With the robust and an optional portfolio you can choose the additional section that can be added to the post. The powerful intro slides in this theme has 4 different options. They are Map, Photo Slider, Video Background and Layer Slider. This gives you the ability to have an amazing slideshows for the visitors. So you should not miss the chance and grab the opportunity to display the best of your work in an engaging manner.

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Nietzsche – Creative Multi-Purpose Parallax WordPress Theme

The creative agencies can make the best use of this theme to make creative and attractive pages. It has two demo versions that are Edge and Minimal. This demo version helps a lot in creating some wonderful pages. The Edge has the big full screen header. It has the portfolio that fully helps the visitors to have an idea about the projects. You can prioritize the options by using Nietzsche Parallax WordPress Theme. The user can decide about the options that should be viewed by the visitors. These customization settings can very well help the users in managing the page. It has also two types of grid styles. They are uniform and creative. Each has its own features that can help in the apt display of the projects. The darker background is also available in this theme. With Nietzsche you can manage the page and give the best looking background to your page. It is inviting for the visitors and they can be mesmerized by the beauty of the page.

It is ultra responsive and the command given by the user can be followed right away. There is also an option of full screen slider sections. You can choose the best style and display the portfolio as you wish. It also has a Parallax slider section that adds beauty to the Nietzsche Parallax WordPress Theme. It has sort able portfolio. It has 5 column layouts with or without margins. The choice is of the user and he can decide the style of the page. The user has full control over the customization that helps him create an amazing page. The homepage layouts and the project layouts help you in managing the page. The information about the company can also be given by using the several “About Page” layouts. There are 4 different headers and 2 different footers. The font icons are also available with many options. The colors are also infinite and the user can have the combination of different colors to apply to the page.

The compatibility and the connectivity of the Nietzsche Parallax WordPress Theme with the device is flawless. The devices irrespective of the size are compatible with this theme. You do not face any sort of problem while connecting. Whether it is your laptop, desktop, or even mobile you can resume working. It is retina ready and gives the best image. The standard blog index with the slide bar is also available in this theme. The animation can also be edited and the user can decide himself about the position of this feature. The background can have the video or the pictures of your portfolio. It depends on the user as to how he wishes to display his work. The theme has many options and he can find it in the menu bar. With this he can create pages that are best looking and engaging and invite the users again and again. There is a very detailed documentation and with this the users can find it easy to operate. So do not miss the chance and design the page according to your wish.

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Rhythm | Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Parallax Theme

With a dynamic portfolio, e-commerce shop and many more features, the theme offers you a diverse range of options that enable the user to design an attractive design. There are more than 20 fully loaded demos and with one click you can use the theme to customize the setting. It has an option that gives full attention to the portfolio. By using Revolution Slider plug-in you can allow the visitors to view the portfolio. The parallax scrolling feature can give an amazing and an attractive web design. The user can unleash his creative abilities. The Rhythm Parallax WordPress Theme also has the option to stick the portfolio to the background. With this feature the visitors can view the portfolio or the projects in the background. This is a creative and a novel way to design the page. There are more than 40 ways that you can choose to display the page. The best that you find can be applied and with this you can give your project an engaging look.

The admin panel allows the user to switch the options. The Rhythm Parallax WordPress Theme can also make your blogs posts look more appealing. By using customizable blog mode you can make changes. You can make columns to make the page look more attractive. You can also make columns for online shop. You can fix the focus on any of the services and the theme will display the page accordingly.

The theme is suitable for all the types of business. You can make the best use of it by managing the business through this theme. You can also add different pages using this theme. The pages like about us, landing page, services, team, FAQ etc can be customized and showed by using different features of this theme. There is also an option of creating columns. You can create classic, single and masonry columns. It has a wide range of features. It has a single and multi page demos. There are more than 50 demos that help the user in understanding the Rhythm Parallax WordPress Theme. There are over 40 portfolio pages that help the users in launching the project in a right way. There are over 10 blog pages. You can also find header variations.

There are also light, dark and transparent menu bar. The user can make the changes through this menu list. There is an option of slider revolution. It is easy to customize and the user can make changes easily. It is easy to operate. It is retina ready and gives the users a view that is attractive. The smooth animations can allow the user to give effects that can attract visitors. The compatibility and connectivity of the device with the personal devices is flawless. You can connect it with the laptops, desktops and mobiles and resume working. The online documentation and browser compatibility is also perfect. So by using this theme you can create some amazing pages. The users can always find it easy to use and compatible with other devices. The user can use their creative abilities to design pages.

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Story – Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Parallax Theme

This theme is another addition in order to assist its users in making portfolios and corporate websites. The site gives you a chance to customize the settings according to your needs. There is a wide range of options that can be found. The scrolling features along with animation effects gave your site an attractive and an engaging look. The Story Parallax WordPress Theme also has a full screen slider and a gallery. The WooCommerce is also available that makes the theme more effective and advanced. It has the ability to import four types of demos with a single click. The theme allows you to build your own content with a visual builder.

The team of Pexeto gave its assistance in creating the theme. The theme is designed in a way that it suits any resolution on screen size. The connectivity of the device is flawless and you can easily connect it with your laptops, desktops, tablets and eve mobiles. The theme allows you to represent your work in a way that is most suitable. You can use the different features of the Story Parallax WordPress Theme in order to make a design that fully and aptly represents your work. With a full screen slider and a high customized layout you can make changes and bring the best out of it. It also allows you to edit the content and background color. The image that you add can also be edited. The theme also gives you the freedom to change the position of your content.

It has many features that are available for the users. It gives you full liberty to make changes according to the needs and your will. The theme has an advanced portfolio gallery that can help you in displaying your work or projects. It supports different types like AJAX powered, Masonry layouts, multiple columns, partial loading, unlimited gallery pages, category filter and pagination. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce that is an additional quality of the theme. The theme along with AJAX shopping cart also comes with the custom designs. The Story Parallax WordPress Theme also gives the users a custom header and a background section. You can choose the background and add your own color. You can do this by simply using the features that it offers. You can also change the text color, footer, content area and header. This will make you able to design a page that is according to your will. The live preview allows you to see the changes that you have made.

It also has a responsive retina parallax. The one click demo importer makes it easy to build the page. With easy content creation you will learn to create and edit the content as you wish. There are more than 600 fonts that are available in the theme that allow you to use them as you like. The admin panel is easy to use and has all the options. This can make it easy to manage the page and you can have the options altered. So grab this theme and make some interesting and attractive pages in order to have more visitors.

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Zerif Pro Parallax Theme

The creative agencies can very well make use of this theme in order to make stunning pages. There are a number of fonts sizes and a variety of colors that help the users to make pages that are attractive and stylish. The theme is carefully designed in order to fulfill the needs of its users. The users would find it easy to operate. The options for using the theme are easy to understand. The options panel along with WooCommerce can allow you to make changes and invite
people to visit your page. There are also a number of custom widgets that add beauty to the page.

The content can be managed by using the content blocks. The readers can read the content on your page and with customization settings you can set the page and content according to your will. This will increase the flow of visitors and you would find your page to be successful. It helps you manage the single page and with the use of this theme you can make some creative designs. You can add more features to the page and the theme offers such features that can adorn the page. The users can find the theme easy to use and the instructions would make it easy to understand. It is highly responsive and adaptable and the user can connect it with any device. Whether it is your laptop, mobile or desktop, you can connect the theme and resume working. You can showcase your projects and portfolios. It helps you highlight the content. The theme has SEO and with this it adds more to the theme. It has many options that give you a wide range of room to make a creative design. The color palette offers many colors. The templates help you in choosing the most suitable design for you. The theme however allow you to become more innovative with the design.

The theme has many features. It has large title area and with this you have considerable space to fit the title. The portfolio content allows you to arrange the text in a way that it attracts the maximum number of people. With the client logo showcase, the visitors can have an idea about the number of things that your page has. The Google maps help in navigation and the visitors can find the right path. The unlimited custom configuration helps in managing the page. The page can help you in promoting the business and the projects. The theme is easy to use and assists you in showcasing your creativity. It has two plug-ins that are required to be installed. These are WP Product Review and Revive Old Post. These plug-ins can make the theme run smoothly.
So this theme can allow you to make pages attract a large number of audiences. The theme is available and the user can make the best use of it. With his theme you can build a page that is stylish and appealing to the people.

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