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WordPress Theme Submission Requirements for Themeforest

TThemes January 25, 2017 No Comments

These Days Every Developer want to get approved on Themeforest to earn best, But before to get start your Project You must need to know about themeforest requirnments

Here will we share reviews from envato Elite Author. But before to go please visit this link to get Most Common Requirements.

After to read these articles, Let move on Project .

So main Question is this? Which theme or template will have more chance to approve?

Visit Envato Forum And read Envato Announcements, Envato always announce some competition. So Try to develop that theme or template which envato need in competition

Here are some important points.

1- Please ensure sure all default WordPress widgets are styled and display properly in all widget areas. You can check with the Monster Widget WordPress plugin.

Monster Widget

2- Please make sure that your theme doesn’t raise any PHP errors, notices or warnings. Enabling wp_debug or installing the Debug Bar plugin can help you with this.
3- Getting Sticky Headers and the WordPress Admin Bar to Behave
Themes will be tested against the WordPress Unit Test data [] to ensure that all necessary components are styled properly:

-Posts must be displayed correctly with no apparent visual problems.
-All expected components, such as title, body, comments, comment form, post meta, etc., must be rendered correctly.
-Posts must be displayed in the correct order.
-Page navigation must work correctly.
-The search results page must work properly, with results displayed appropriately. If there are no results the user must be informed of this.
-Sticky posts must be styled and displayed appropriately.
-The Read More link must work properly (linking to the tag location).
-If the theme supports post formats, each type must be displayed appropriately in index/archive views.
-Lack of content, such as body text, must not adversely impact the layout.
-Themes must include both the Tag and the Category taxonomies in some manner.
-Floats must be cleared properly for the floated element, that is, thumbnail images.
-Content overflow issues must be addressed. For example, a title with a long non-breaking string must not break the layout.


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