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Becoming Familiar with Classiera-A Premium Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Becoming Familiar with Classiera-A Premium Classified Ads WordPress Theme

TThemes March 4, 2017 No Comments

Classiera Classified WordPress Theme

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Thinking of creating your own business website? Then the ideal thing for you to do is check out WordPress. Not sure what that is? It is a life savior for everyone who wants to start with the basics of website development. This is the reason why it is considered one of the most easiest and helpful management tools for both website construction and blog creation. So is it a blog or a website that you want to come up with for your business endeavor? Here is everything you need to know about WordPress, Classiera and the many varieties it offers for users.

What is WordPress?

In very simple words, WordPress is a development portal that lets you generate a website or a blog, allowing you to sell or publicize anything that you want. The best part is that it is a free and open-source and is based on PHP.

There are quite a few thematic options for WordPress users. With the help of differing themes, users can easily switch between the looks and functions of their website or blog. Of course, the basic or core system would remain same, while the demeanor would look different. An interesting thing about the various themes offered by WordPress is that users can also create them. This way, they are specifically designed for certain businesses or personal usage.

Themes can either be free or premium depending on what you choose. Classiera is just such a theme of WordPress. What is it and why can it be a bonus for your business? Find out by reading on.

What is Classiera?

Classiera is a premium classified WordPress Ads theme that helps in selling anything and everything on your business page. It is a directory/listing classification setup that helps users in categorically registering their products or services. It is based on fully responsive design system and enhanced flexibility that lets users change the whole look of their webpage with an ease that is delightful for even novice users. It has a Redux framework.

Classiera allows for 6 variant homepage designs that differ not only in color but typography and layout as well. It also gives users front-end user panel. What is even more wonderful is that Google map is integrated in this Classiera premium classified WordPress Ads theme, which means that it makes finding the webpage even easier for searchers on the internet.

Some other features of Classiers include free Google fonts and Font-Awesome icons. Since the premium classified WordPress Ads theme is customizable, it will allow business users to manage their products as per requirement and desire. This will let them have a webpage that is exactly according to their target audience’s demands.

This is how Classiera can become the beacon for your business page. Think this is what you have been looking for? Check out the official WordPress website and download the theme today to avail the many features and offers Classiera has. There are many videos to help you with installation and setup of the premium classified WordPress Ads theme. Best of luck!

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